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Junior Coaching

For the start of 2020 Junior Coaching will take place on Saturdays  from 11th January until 8th February as follows:

Group from to
Tots  11.30  12.00 
Mid Red/Orange 12.00  13.00 
Green  13.00  14.00 



Tennis Xpress


If you have never played tennis before, or haven't played in a long time, then Tennis Xpress is for you.  It is an easy and fun way for adult beginners to get into the game.

During the six week course you will be taught new skills and be shown how to serve, rally and score, so that by the end, you will be able to enjoy fun matches with your friends, family or other people you meet.

This course is held at Kingdown School on Tuesday evenings from 730 to 8.30.   There are 2 more lessons in December on 10th and 17th and there will be a break for Christmas, resuming on 7th January.  For full details please see Jon Dilena's ClubSpark website at


Quorn Family Cup

The Quorn Family Tennis Cup, is an informal, family doubles competition. Junior players (10 U) play with an adult family member in a fun atmosphere. It encourages families to play tennis together and eat healthy food to compliment a healthy lifestyle.

  • * Adults play alongside their 10U child, grandchild, niece or nephew in doubles matches
  • * All matches are played on Mini Red courts with red balls, and all players use 21” or 23” rackets
  • * Rules are modified to get the ball in play quicker and for longer making games fun and exciting
  • * Round robin formats are used with matches usually timed using tie-break scoring
  • * Events usually last 1-2 hours and there are plenty of prizes and certificates to be won.

For full details please call Jon Dilena on 07986370080 or email [email protected]